What role does card-based design play in improving web & mobile UI?

February 14, 2018

The age of personalisation is taking over the scene with the power of a storm. It is changing all things people experienced. Forming a part of this change, web and mobile apps are moving away from the lengthy page display towards a more user-friendly card based design display. This is intended to give the user completely a personalised experience. This experience is built on an aggregation of many individual pieces of content to make it easy and quickly consumable. What are Cards? Cards are the rectangle shaped images and text that serve as an entry point to more detailed information. They became

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Top Web Development Trends to Follow in 2018

December 11, 2017

Are you someone who is involved in web development and want to keep yourself updated on what’s trending in the industry? Then, you’ve come to the right place! As a Web Developer, you need to stay updated with the latest web development trends because, the latest trends always provide the users with better functionalities. I have compiled my understanding and knowledge on the latest web development trends that has been ruling 2017 and would continue to rule in 2018. I would like to call these as the Top Web Development Trends in 2018. Let’s have a look at these trends in web deve

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Top Mobile App Design Mistakes to Avoid!

September 21, 2017

When it comes to mobile app design and development, it is not an easy task to get the full flow and features of a finished mobile app. There are many moving parts and some important project management aspects to keep in mind during development. It requires discipline and practicality to develop a functioning and enjoyable mobile app.  If you don't tend to the nuts and bolts of production, you're putting yourself at risk for disaster. The best way to design or develop a mobile app is often by observing what works in a successful apps. There are many don’ts in a mobile app design th

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Data Privacy on Cloud - Myth or Real?

September 7, 2017

With the innovation of cloud technology, the data sharing has become very common on the internet. Changing from your traditional and more complicated network of servers to cloud means, everything is shared and you own nothing in private. Although, Cloud gives organisations of all sizes the ability to quickly scale and streamline their storage, computing, and deployment operations, the possibility to security vulnerabilities increase.   These security challenges in the cloud does not differentiate itself from traditional data centres. Proactively looking at vulnerabilities in the design will

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How to keep your business safe from Ransomware Attacks?

August 30, 2017

Ransomware attacks are more common these days. Although, these attacks are done targeted at large firms, small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are more vulnerable and are coming under direct attack. If you’re considering the threat levels, be sure about one thing, you’re vulnerable! The cyber experts says that SMEs are caught in the crossfire from other attacks against larger firms. This happens because they're often less well protected than big companies. For hackers, the small and medium businesses may be often seen as a route into larger partners’ networks. If attackers id

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Why Mobile App Development is Right for Small Businesses?

August 9, 2017

Are you a business owner or a marketing manager responsible for your company’s strategic marketing plan and marketing campaigns? If yes, you must be aware about mobile marketing or are already doing it.   There are more than 60% of local searches conducted on mobile devices.  More and more people now spend their time on smartphones than they do watching TV. So that it is easy for you to see the need of having a mobile optimised website. However, it may not be as easy for you to see the powerful connectivity and relational potentials of a mobile app and Mobile App Development. What

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How Can You Prevent E-mail Based Malware and Virus Attacks?

May 31, 2017

The sole purpose of any virus attacks or malware is to reproduce and spread itself. Damage to the host system or a computer is a potential consequence these attacks can cause. The most common way a malware enters a computer or network is through emails. Most of us have heard or know about potential threat generating e-mails that appear in our e-mail inbox or Spam folder. But how do people get infected by an email virus or Malware? Today, there is a range of anti-virus systems in place to mitigate the risk of infection from Malware and virus threats. You can also get cost effective and technology-enab

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The Best E-Commerce Software for Small Businesses

April 6, 2017

Over the past few years, the e-commerce has changed the way people sell and buy online. Today, there are plenty of e-commerce companies. Therefore it’s important to understand, which are the best e-commerce sites that let your online store to sell better? Businesses, whether small, medium or large, have diverse needs and requirements for e-commerce software based on their budget, features and products.  There are dozens of e-commerce software available now. But, you need to find the best software available to suit your business needs. What is an E-commerce Software? An e-commerce s

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Latest Trends in Web Application Development

March 8, 2017

  We are living in an inter-connected world, so there is a rising demand for multi-channel experience with the prominent devices such as mobiles, tablets, smart watches etc… The need for developing customer-oriented interfaces that have similarity with the native apps or a desktop software is on the urge. Choosing the right set of emerging technologies for your web application development could act as a solution for these urgent needs. Businesses need to adapt themselves to the rising consumerism and develop user-centric web applications with the following characteristics: Seaml

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10 Reasons Why Laravel will benefit in your Web Development Process

February 27, 2017

Of late, those of you who have been involved in web development in PHP may be quite excited with the coming of Laravel. Laravel- the free, advanced, open-source PHP framework has now become one of the famous PHP Frameworks used by most modern PHP Web Developers around the world. This web application has quickly taken over web development scenario of other web developing platforms with its superiority and ease of use. Developed by Taylor Otwell and initially released in 2011, Laravel web framework follows the model–view–controller (MVC) architectural pattern. For a web development te

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How to Generate Leads?

January 25, 2017

Company owners are always on the lookout for new ways to market their business. One of the ways you can do this is by generating leads. Leads are a great way to increase your business as most of the time it’s free and it’s not time-consuming. There are different types of leads and depending on where the lead is coming from will depend on the impact it makes to your business. So follow these tips to find out what will work best for you and your company. 1. What are leads? First of all, you need to understand the basics. You need to understand what leads are and how they benefit your bus

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Will 2017 Witness Large Adoption on Cloud Technology?

January 6, 2017

The next decade of cloud computing comes with great promises and new ways to collaborate with mobile devices. The latest statistics gives the hint that Cloud adoption is growing rapidly. Large enterprises such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Cisco, HP etc. have already adopted cloud computing technology to manage their large data storage systems. Even though some businesses are still relying on ordinary software’s and hardware’s for data storage, very soon it is going to change with a large adoption onto cloud computing. It is predicted that by 2017, two third of major businesses will shi

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5 Most Dominant Front-End JavaScript Tools

July 20, 2016

It may not be an exaggeration to say that there is at least one new JavaScript library or framework released every week. So, it is not practical to analyse each and every one and furnish a comparative report. What we are trying to do here in this article is to introduce some of the most dominant and popular front-end tools that are taking the web development community by storm. AngularJS The preferred enterprise framework by many leading experts in web development for creating and maintaining complex applications is AngularJS. It is an MVC-type framework and in simple words, it is an ext

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Twitter, the SMS of the Internet

July 4, 2016

Twitter is one of the top ten visited sites on the internet, with more than 300 million active users who use it at least once a month. An estimated 100 million people log into twitter every day, with the average user spending about 3 hours on the site. About 25% of verified twitter accounts belong to journalists which say something about the mature nature of the site. Also, over 130 world leaders including US president Barak Obama are regular twitter users. Interestingly, teenagers account for only 11% of twitter’s user base. Twitter USP The most well thought-out feature of Twitter i

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Secrets behind the popularity of WordPress

June 15, 2016

Released in 2003, WordPress is an open-source content management system based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress is the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system in existence today thanks to its amazingly easy to use user interface. At present, about 27% of the top ten million websites and about 60 million blogs are powered by this free CMS and the user base is rapidly growing. WordPress was developed by Matt Mullenweg, an American online social media entrepreneur and web developer and Mike Little, an English web developer. It is managed by the WordPress Foundat

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Top 5 SEO Techniques to Avoid

May 23, 2016

Nowadays, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become as important as building the website, and most of the web development companies have a team dedicated for SEO. Though nearly all SEO professionals proclaim that they use only fair SEO tactics, it is easy for clients to be tricked by SEO professionals who use certain “black hat” tactics that fetch instant results, but damages your site’s reputation in the long run. Here we list some of such widely used cheap tricks you should stay away from. Cloaking This is a popular technique in SEO, initially used as a method to in

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Six Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out

April 18, 2016

Mobile app development is not restricted to smartphones and tablets anymore. With a plethora of smart gadgets such as android wear and smart televisions, new technologies are evolving in the mobile app development arena at the speed of thought. The Internet of Things and technologies such as cloud computing has drastically changed the scenario of app development for mobile devices. Though innovation has presented mobile app developers with smart tools and features, they are also posed with newer challenges. To stay ahead of the competition, it is a good idea to look at some of the recent

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Web Development Trends for 2016 and Beyond

April 8, 2016

For web developers, the year 2016 is looking promising with a plethora of new frameworks, tools and technologies. In this article, we try to keep you updated on the most discussed and debated current trends in web development. Motion UI Developed by Zurb, Motion UI is a standalone library that facilitates animations and CSS transitions, which are powered by separate transition classes. It is gaining massive popularity among developers, as it helps you easily create smooth transitions with the help of predefined motions. The seamless integration of animated elements is what makes Motion UI the favo

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Perks of Inbound Marketing

December 18, 2015

In order to have a successful business, there are a few vital steps. One of these steps is making sure that you advertise your business well. For this, every business needs to make sure to have a strong marketing strategy. Outbound Marketing There are two ways in which you can promote your business. The first one being Outbound Marketing-also referred to as “traditional marketing”. Outbound marketing is a strategy used to get your marketing message around to as many people as possible. It is done with the hope to generate maximum customers, despite the fact that they might not

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The History Of Big Data

November 27, 2015

Big Data is a term used to describe data that are so large which cannot be processed by traditional means of data storage and other processing methods. Big Data is defined by the amount of digital information that can a from many sources, structured and unstructured data formats What are the challenges involved in Big Data? How can you store, process, as well as analyse such a large amount of data to identify patterns and knowledge from a huge about of information? Analysing Big Data requires lots of storage and large calculations that require a great deal of processing power. As digital informati

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How to Improve local SEO To Target Local Search Queries

September 25, 2015

Local online searches comprise of nearly 20% of the total internet searches on any given day. Most online visitors read reviews about local products and invest in them when they are aware of the people who they are doing business with and trust them. As a website owner, what have you done to gather recognition in your local community and are you aware of the power of local SEO tricks that would boost your online business in a few days time? You were both astonished and surprised when you spoke to our SEO expert at web design north London Company about this and he helped you to understand how thi

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Why Mobile Website Is Essential For Businesses

September 25, 2015

The number of time people that spend on their mobile devices is increasing quickly and as it increases the number of people who uses the Internet are increasing as well. For this reason, it is crucial that you have a mobile-friendly website as it will affect you business immensely.  What is a mobile friendly website? First, we can look at the basics what actually is a mobile friendly website? Well first of all having a mobile friendly website doesn’t just mean your customers are able to visit your website using their mobile devices there’s a lot more to it, for example, makin

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Cloud Computing- What is it?

September 18, 2015

We can take a look at what is known as cloud computing. In order gets a trusted cloud computing system; an application must satisfy criteria’s given below: Internet application: Applications must be located on the internet accessible by the public. Publicly accessible does not mean that everyone has access to your systems, still, you have to go. Now there is such a thing as an internal cloud and even a private cloud, but for the purposes of this article, I limit myself to the public access applications. No to little up-front costs: Do not buy software licenses or additional hardware. Somet

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5 Easy Web Development Tools For Web Developers

September 10, 2015

Designing and development of a website are no child play. In fact, it requires minute detail planning and monitoring at every stage, which would ensure that the client receives a high-quality website. One of the essential features in website development is the use of web development tools by web designers and web developers. These web development tools facilitate the web development process itself and also help the developed website to perform better. Below for the convenience of the reader, a few of these easy web development tools have been discussed in detail. Text Editors A few popul

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5 benefits of bespoke software

August 21, 2015

Not all business have the same needs, this being said your business can run more efficiently if you use the right software to best meet your requirements. Off the shelf software solutions are designed for use with a wide range of applications and projects, compared to bespoke software which allows users to design the software to work for the specific applications that they need. Here are 5 top benefits of commissioning a bespoke software project: Greater accuracy using applications You can achieve the most efficient working levels by choosing software which helps you to complete your tasks

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Steps to Successfully Market Mobile Apps

August 12, 2015

Nowadays App Store is busy in creating the exhibition and marketing of the application they have developed and this is considered to be the biggest challenge app developers and small businesses face. The number one reason for the failure of an application is the inadequate and ineffective marketing. Currently, app stores have lots of apps; app store optimisation can be the secret to success. Most people use search to discover apps and are another popular method people use, with 63% of Apple App Store users relying on search to discover apps. App store optimisation (ASO) Here are some tip

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4 Reasons to Invest in Bespoke CRM Software

July 22, 2015

A key part of generating and retaining business is managing customer relations well. Satisfied customers are more likely to return as repeat customers, and even get referrals sent into your direction whether it be friends or contacts. Using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an effective way to increase your customer experience and lead to a greater number of referrals. Here are 5 reasons as to why you should seriously consider investing in a CRM software for your business and the benefits that it could bring: Streamlined Communications CRM software enables the business to record

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Choosing the Right PHP Framework for Web Development

June 16, 2015

We have seen a huge eruption in the popularity of frameworks in the recent years and PHP developers have never had so much choice when deciding what to work with. There are different types of the framework to suit different types of web development and now developers can opt to choose what best suits their needs. What is the primary focus of your web development? You need to identify exactly what the project's main use will be. Whether it is an e-commerce website, a social-based site or a directory? The framework you use may differ depending on platforms such as projects which require banking

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